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European Availability and Growing

Secure your business-critical data with our data centers's extraordinary reliability and highest security standards, and keep your applications running smoothly.

  • We serve Europe from our DataCenter located in the best connected internet location: Bucharest, Romania.
Cloud and DataCenter Infrastructure for Cloud VPS, Cloud VDS - European Availability and Growing

High-end Cloud Infrastructure

We ensure the smooth operation of our server infrastructure every day through rigorous processes so we can offer high-quality Cloud VPS and VDS at affordable prices.

We use new enterprise-grade hardware from trusted brands:

  • HPE G10 and Dell server chassis
  • AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon Gold Processors
  • Samsung enterprise SSD NVMe
Cloud and DataCenter Infrastructure for Cloud VPS, Cloud VDS - High-end Cloud Infrastructure
Our Data Centers

Cloud technology in modern facilities

N+1 Redundancy for Critical Systems

All of our power, cooling, and connectivity systems have wither a backup or extra capacity to prevent outages in case of breakdowns. This allows us to handle quickly unexpected issues.

Onsite 24/7 monitoring of all systems

We've prioritized high availability in building our infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted operation. Our on-site operators continuously work to monitor and support our cloud environment 24/7.

Resilient Network Infrastructure

To ensure servers are always reachable online, we have installed at least two independent fiber connections from different carriers in our data center.

Physical and electronic access control

Our operators strictly manage physical and electronic access to our data centers, which are also monitored by video surveillance and human security guards, in a gated campus.

ISO 27001. ISO 9001

Our top priority is your peace of mind. We are doing continuous efforts so you can be always protected. All of our services and locations are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.

Low Latency

Reliable connectivity is essential for your cloud services to run smoothly. We use our strategically located data center in Romania to provide efficient network access and low latency for EU customers.

Privacy and Control over Data

GDPR Compliance

As Europeans, we value data protection and privacy. We're 100% GDPR compliant, and our entire company is organized to give you maximum control over your data. We don't collect data on what runs on your Cloud server instance.
We respect your privacy.

  • We are responsible for the networking, cloud storage, servers and physical security.
  • Customers are responsible for their applications, data and application layers, middleware, OS, and storage.
Cloud and DataCenter Infrastructure for Cloud VPS, Cloud VDS - GDPR Compliance
Hardware Specifications

Enterprise-grade hardware ready to tackle big challenges

HPE & Dell Server Chassis

Best-in-class from trusted brands: new HPE G10 DL series chassis and Dell Poweredge.

AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon Gold

High-end new processors on all servers: AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon Gold.

SSD NVMe Storage

Ultra-fast NVMe Triple Replica storage built with self-healing and self-maintaining technology.

Own Equipments & Data Center

We own all of our equipments and we own one datacenter location. We've got you covered globally if you need!

Unified Hardware

We use indentical servers, hardware and network components in all our infrastructure.


All our infrastructure layers are designed with high-availability in mind.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Cloud VPS and Cloud VDS?

Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Cloud VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) are both virtual hosting solutions that provide a dedicated portion of a physical server's resources to a single user. However, there are some key differences between the two:

Virtualization Technology:

Cloud VPS typically utilizes operating system-level virtualization (OS-level virtualization) to create virtual environments. This means that the hypervisor software runs on top of the host operating system, and each VPS instance has its own virtual operating system.

Cloud VDS, on the other hand, employs hardware virtualization (HW-level virtualization) to create virtual servers. This means that the hypervisor software runs directly on the hardware, and each VDS instance has direct access to the underlying hardware resources.

Resource Allocation:

Cloud VPS offers a flexible approach to resource allocation. Users can typically choose from a range of pre-configured VPS plans with varying CPU, RAM, and storage capacities. They may also have the option to customize their VPS by manually selecting the desired resource allocation.

Cloud VDS provides dedicated resources, similar to a physical server. Users typically have full control over the allocation of CPU, RAM, and storage resources, allowing them to tailor the VDS to their specific needs. Performance and


Cloud VPS offers good performance and scalability for general web hosting and application hosting scenarios. However, the performance of a Cloud VPS may be limited by the underlying physical server and the number of VPS instances running on the same server.

Cloud VDS generally provides higher performance and scalability than Cloud VPS due to its hardware virtualization technology and dedicated resource allocation. This makes Cloud VDS a suitable choice for resource-intensive applications and demanding workloads.


Cloud VPS typically has a more flexible and cost-effective pricing structure compared to Cloud VDS. Users can choose a VPS plan that aligns with their resource requirements and pay for the resources they consume.

Cloud VDS generally has a higher upfront cost due to the dedicated resources and higher performance capabilities. However, for applications that demand consistent high performance and scalability, the overall cost of Cloud VDS may be justified.

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